Litho laminated

litho laminated box

lithograph laminated box


Litho printing is printing and varnish on paper card, and then glue paper card on corrugated board, after die-cut and glue box pieces together to complete box done.

this kind printing box cost more and less strong than flexo printing box, but  its printing performance better than flexo printing.

All structure of box can apply tolitho laminated box, to choice your box style, please refer to our web page Box structure

For packaging which will display on shelf and wish to put many picture and text to introduce production on its packaging to present to your customer , you should choice this kind box for best performance.

Kingbol packaging and  her partner have four sets of various size 5-color unit lithograph printing presses include in-line varnish capabilities, with these, we can give you packing outstanding appearance and combined with strength of corrugated. if you have any question of our production, please send email to Thank you in advance!

Full litho printing carton box for your product packaging, and with design service support